About the Artist:

My works are a collection of found objects placed together in a composition which invokes an idea of a more innocent time. My sculptures include objects found when antiquing and dumpster-jumping. I really don’t know what I am looking for, when I am looking. It just happens to appear. When I bring the items to my shop, I assemble them as shown on the Sculptures page.

Education: Graduated from Radford with a BA in Fine Arts 1985
VCU School of the Arts 1980-1982

Occupation: Painting Contractor

Hobbies: Sculpture, relic hunting, fossil hunting, bike riding, eating

Previous Shows:

  • Upcast Gallery, December 2004, one-man show
  • 2006 Gallery at Plant Zero in Richmond, VA
  • Current works on exhibit at Millie’s Diner
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Gift Shop
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Compositions of Sculptures with Found Obects. Richmond, VA